The Beauty Diary is an online portal which enables beauty users in Australia to keep track of the beauty products they purchase and share their views on beauty for a chance to win prizes while helping beauty retailers and manufacturers improve the products and services they provide.

It is a community based approach to market research which values information about beauty users and the purchases they make over time. To this end it has prizes to encourage members to share information and a design that makes it both quick and easy for them to share information with the community.


With The Beauty Diary you have a chance to take part in weekly prize draws for providing information about your weekly beauty purchases. Every time you complete a weekly diary entry (regardless of whether you made a purchase or not) you automatically receive an entry in our Loyalty Prize Draw which is drawn quarterly.

Members entitled to at least 8 entries in the Quarterly Prize Draw achieve VIP member status and are automatically entered in our VIP Member Loyalty Draw, which is also drawn at the end of the quarter.

This simply means the more you tell us about your beauty behaviour, the greater your chances of winning.

To learn more, check out our Prizes and the Draw Calendar .


Any woman above 18 years of age living in Australia who can remember when her last beauty purchase was made can register to become a member of The Beauty Diary community (providing no-one else from their household is already registered with us) and be entered in prize draws for information they share. Basically, the more information you share, the greater your chance of winning prizes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get registered!

Step 1. Registration 2. Weekly Beauty Diary Entry

  • Tell us about yourself by filling in a quick registration questionnaire to create an account and access competitions
  • It only takes 5 minutes to complete
    • Keep us informed of your beauty purchases on a weekly basis

      It takes only a few minutes to make a Beauty Diary entry and you'll be sent a reminder each week

      6 winners of $25 gift cards drawn EACH WEEK

      Weekly diary entries are voluntary but the more entries submitted the more chances of winning

      Every time you complete the diary you also enter our quarterly Loyalty Draw

      Once the quarter finishes we will launch another series of diary entries and announce new prizes.


    Information shared with The Beauty Diary is kept strictly confidential and used for research purposes only.
    We will not try to sell you anything…EVER.

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