I Swapped My Black Mascara for Brown and I'm Never Going Back

I Swapped My Black Mascara for Brown and I'm Never Going Back

For as long as I can remember, black mascara had been my staple. 

It had seen me through every important event since high school - from nights out with friends to big job interviews. 

I forever craved the long, thick, dramatic lashes that only black mascara could provide.

But as the years went by and my style evolved, I felt black mascara was starting to make me look tried and overdone. 

The heavy pigment seemed to weigh down my eyes instead of lifting them.

That's when I realised it was time for a change. I was ready to try something new - like brown mascara, which I hoped would refresh my look in a subtle yet defining way.

Little did I know this small switch would completely transform my makeup routine. 

If you've been wondering about brown mascara's hidden power to refresh your whole makeup look, keep reading my story of an unexpected beauty revolution.

First Impressions Trying Brown Mascara

The first time I tried brown mascara, I remember sitting on my bed holding my mirror in one hand while armed with a new tube of brown mascara in the other.

As I swiped the wand through my lashes, I immediately noticed a difference. 

The black brown hue seemed softer, almost gentler, compared to the harsh contrast of black mascara. 

It felt like I was creating a soft yet defined look with my lashes rather than a bold, dramatic statement (that I used to love to rock for so long).

To my surprise, the brown mascara didn't just give my lashes a subtle lift; it enhanced my eyes in a way that felt more natural and understated. 

I found myself loving how my eyes looked brighter and more awake, without the harshness that black mascara sometimes brought. 

It was a subtle shift, but one that made a noticeable difference.

Comparing Brown Mascara vs. Black Mascara

Visual Differences

Black mascara is known for its dramatic impact. 

It adds a striking contrast to the eyes, making them appear larger and more defined.

However, this bold look isn't always suitable for every occasion. 

In contrast, brown mascara offers a softer, more natural enhancement. It provides definition without the intensity, making it perfect for daytime wear or a more understated look.

To really see the difference, I took side-by-side photos of myself wearing black mascara on one eye and brown mascara on the other. The results were eye-opening (pun intended). 

The black mascara gave my lashes a bold, almost theatrical effect, while the brown mascara provided a more subtle, yet equally beautiful, enhancement. 

My eyes looked naturally defined and the brown mascara blended seamlessly with my overall makeup look.

Practical Differences

From a practical standpoint, brown mascara is incredibly versatile. It can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for both casual and formal occasions. 

Black mascara, on the other hand, tends to be more situational. While it's perfect for a night out or a special event, it can sometimes feel too intense for everyday wear.

The Advantages of Brown Mascara

A Natural Look

One of the biggest advantages of brown mascara is its ability to create a natural look. 

It enhances your lashes without overpowering your eyes, making it ideal for those days when you want to look effortlessly put together. 

It's perfect for a no-makeup makeup look, where the goal is to enhance your natural beauty rather than create a dramatic effect.

Suitability for Different Occasions

Brown mascara is incredibly versatile. 

It can be worn to the office, a casual brunch, or even a formal event. 

It provides just the right amount of definition to make your eyes stand out, without looking too overdone. 

This makes it a great option for everyday wear, as well as special occasions.

Complements Various Skin Tones

Another advantage of brown mascara is its ability to complement different skin tones. 

It adds warmth to the eyes and can make blue, green, and brown eyes pop in a way that black mascara can't. 

Its softer hue blends seamlessly with a variety of skin tones, making it a universally flattering choice.

Enhances Specific Eye Makeup Looks

Brown mascara can also enhance specific eye makeup looks. 

It pairs beautifully with neutral eyeshadows, creating a cohesive and polished look. 

It can also soften bold eyeshadow colors, balancing out the overall makeup look and preventing it from appearing too harsh.

Tips for Wearing Brown Mascara

Step-by-Step Brown Mascara Application Techniques

1. Start with Clean Lashes: Ensure your lashes are clean and free of any old makeup. This helps the mascara adhere better and prevents clumping.

2. Curl Your Lashes: Use an eyelash curler to lift and curl your lashes before applying mascara. This helps open up your eyes and makes your lashes appear longer.

3. Wiggle at the Base: When applying mascara, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand back and forth. This ensures you're coating every lash and adding volume at the roots.

4. Build in Layers: Don't be afraid to build up the layers. Two to three coats of brown mascara will give you a fuller, more defined look without clumping or creating that heavy, overdone effect.

Day-to-Night Transformation Tips

  1. Daytime Look: For a natural daytime look, apply a single coat of brown mascara to your upper lashes and a light touch to your lower lashes. Pair it with neutral eyeshadows and a hint of eyeliner for a fresh, wide-awake appearance.
  2. Night Time Glam: To transition your look for the evening, add an extra coat or two of brown mascara to build volume. Pair it with a soft smoky eye using brown and bronze tones to create depth and drama without the harshness of black.

The Cons of Brown Mascara

Less Dramatic Impact

If you're a fan of bold and dramatic eye looks, brown mascara might not deliver the same level of intensity as black mascara.

It provides a more subtle enhancement, which might feel underwhelming for those who love a strong, defined lash line.

Limited Availability

Depending on where you shop, brown mascara can sometimes be harder to find than its black counterpart. 

While major brands do offer brown options, the variety might not be as extensive, making it a bit more challenging to find your perfect match.

Less Suitable for Certain Looks

For ultra-glamorous or high-fashion makeup looks, brown mascara might not provide the dramatic effect desired. 

In such cases, black mascara still reigns supreme for creating that bold, high-impact look.

Managing the Cons

To manage these drawbacks, consider keeping both brown and black mascaras in your makeup arsenal. 

Use brown for everyday wear and black for those times when you want to make a statement. 

Additionally, experimenting with layering both colors can provide a unique and versatile look.

Expert Opinions on wearing Brown Mascara

To give you a well-rounded perspective, I reached out to a few makeup artists and beauty influencers to get their take on brown mascara.

Jane, Professional Makeup Artist:

"Brown mascara is a fantastic choice for creating a soft, natural look. It's especially great for mature clients or anyone looking to enhance their eyes without the intensity of black mascara."

Sarah, Beauty Influencer:

"I love using brown mascara for my daytime looks. It gives my lashes a beautiful lift without looking too harsh. It's also perfect for complementing warm-toned eyeshadows."

Emily, Celebrity Makeup Artist:

"Brown mascara is incredibly versatile. I often use it on clients with lighter hair colors or those with fair skin tones to create a more harmonious and natural look. It's a must-have in any makeup kit."

The Science Behind Why Brown Mascara Works

Understanding the science behind mascara pigments can help explain why brown mascara offers a different effect compared to black. 

Black pigments absorb more light, creating a stark contrast and a more dramatic appearance. 

Brown pigments, on the other hand, reflect light differently, resulting in a softer, warmer look.

The pigments used in brown mascara are typically derived from iron oxides, giving them a rich, earthy tone. 

This softer reflection of light can make the lashes appear fuller and more defined without the sharp contrast that black pigments provide. 

This scientific difference is what contributes to the natural and subtle enhancement that brown mascara offers.

Brown Mascara Do's and Don'ts


  • Do Choose the Right Shade: Opt for a brown mascara shade that complements your skin tone and hair color. Light brown works well for fair skin, while darker brown is suitable for medium to dark skin tones.
  • Do Layer for Volume: Build up the layers to achieve the desired volume and length. Brown mascara can be layered without looking too heavy.
  • Do Pair with Complementary Makeup: Use neutral or warm-toned eyeshadows to enhance the natural look of brown mascara.
  • Do Keep it Fresh: Replace your mascara every 3-6 months to prevent clumping and ensure the best application.


  • Don't Overload the Wand: Avoid loading too much product on the wand to prevent clumping and uneven application.
  • Don't Skip the Lower Lashes: A light touch of brown mascara on the lower lashes can balance your look and make your eyes appear more open.
  • Don't Forget to Curl: Always curl your lashes before applying mascara to maximize lift and length.
  • Don't Limit Yourself: Experiment with different eye makeup styles to see how brown mascara can complement various looks.

My Favorite Brown Mascara Products

After trying several brown mascaras, I've narrowed down my favorites. Here are my top picks:

1. Covergirl Lashblast Clump Crusher Mascara - Black Brown

This classic mascara delivers impressive volume and length. The rich brown shade enhances your lashes without overwhelming your natural beauty. It's a great everyday mascara that provides buildable coverage.

2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in Brown

Maybelline's Lash Sensational formula is a game-changer. The fanning brush captures even the tiniest lashes, providing a full, fan-like effect. The brown shade is perfect for a soft, natural look

3. Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black/Brown

Clinique's High Impact Mascara is a cult favorite for a reason. It delivers both volume and definition, making your lashes look fuller and longer. The black/brown shade offers a perfect balance, providing a natural yet noticeable enhancement.

I love that I swapped my black mascara for brown. It has refreshed my daily makeup look.

The softer, more natural finish of brown mascara complements my eyes in a way that feels effortlessly beautiful and it's versatile, flattering, and perfect for everyday wear. 

While black mascara will always have its place for more dramatic looks, brown mascara has earned a permanent spot in my makeup bag.

If you're hesitant to make the switch, I encourage you to give brown mascara a try. 

You might be surprised at how much you love the subtle, yet impactful look it gives you.

Whether you're aiming for a natural makeup look or simply want to switch things up, brown mascara is a worthy addition to any makeup collection.