TikTok’s Too-Good-To-Be-True Flaxseed Mask Trick Is Getting Rid of Our Wrinkles Better Than Any Needle Could!

TikTok’s Too-Good-To-Be-True Flaxseed Mask Trick Is Getting Rid of Our Wrinkles Better Than Any Needle Could!

Have You Heard About This Natural Botox Hack Taking Over TikTok?

We Tested The Flaxseed Trend For Wrinkle-Reducing Magic.

Raise your hand if you’ve noticed a few more ‘frown lines’ peeping out lately?

I don’t know about you beauties but my face seems to have missed the anti-ageing memo, because while the rest of me is clinging fiercely to my youth, my crow’s feet are looking ready for retirement already. RUDE.

Now usually when premature wrinkling rears its ugly head, my first point of call is checking in with my old friend Botox - ya know, just a freshen up injectable or seven. But this time around I wasn’t quite ready to plunge more money into keeping this baby face…well, looking like a baby’s face.

I just happened upon this cray cray viral anti-ageing hack using none other than…drum roll please…FLAX SEEDS!

That’s right gals, the humble flax is being touted as “nature’s botox” for smoothing away pesky lines minus the needle! 

Whaaaat? But could replacing my fave neurotoxin with simple flaxseeds reduce my crow's feet cluster? Or was this too good to be true??? 

Well, sisters….I tried it out so you know if you should!

So keep reading to find out what happened when I tested this viral flaxseed botox hack…

Obviously the first thing I did was run out and stock up on flaxseeds - which btw you can find in the health food aisle or usually the cereal/granola section! Now the hack apparently originated on TikTok (doesn't everything these days??) and the method seemed easy peasy:

Simply take half a cup of flaxseeds and add them to a jar of 2 cups of freshly boiled water to make a thick gel. Apply said gel to clean dry skin, targeting any spots where pesky wrinkles rear their ugly heads (in my case, crow’s feet and a stubborn forehead line). Let that baby sit for a good 15 minutes so the magic ingredients can work their anti-ageing wonders! Finally, rinse off and continue with your normal beauty routine.

So simple even this makeup mishap queen couldn't mess it up! Or so I thought….Because oh boy, did I learn the hard way that this trend comes with a bit of a learning curve! My first attempt applying this all-natural botox was…well, let’s just say a hot mess! I didn't wait long enough so I was tryna smear a thin liquid all around my face. NOT a good look, babe!

But eventually I sorted out the proper gel consistency and technique thanks to my TikTok BFFs.

And let me tell ya, after a full week applying this baby daily, I started noticing a subtle but definite improvement in my crow’s feet situation! Smooth, soft and plump skin.

Those fine lines were looking a lil’ less prominent every day, even when I smiled super wide!


Was this flaxseed mix actually reversing my wrinkles better than stinking Botox? Not 100% but I gotta say, this viral anti-ageing hack just might be giving me other ideas to test out. So watch this space.

Considering ditching my beloved neurotoxins for natural flaxseeds after noticing smoother and plumper skin after using this genius hack!